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In this episode of WTF is CryptoSpace, Chad and Brett talk about Home Crypto Mining 101 w/Chad as he implements the Vertcoin One-Click Miner. Brett and Chad have also found a range of good resources for you to share about Bitcoin with your family.

If you are a member of the Crypto Space community, interested in Blockchain technology (you are not alone) or just curious about Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin then join us for your regular chat here at WTF is Crypto Space.


More Info:

Design resources and materials for Bitcoin

A Glossary of Common Terms in the Ethereum / Crypto Space

How To Mine Cryptospace with CCMiner? https://www.btcurrencies.com/mining/how-to-mine-with-ccminer.html

Mining Vertcoins with nVidia and CCMiner

Setting up a local P2Pool and mining Vertcoin with CCMiner

Vertcoin Mining With CCMiner On Windows 10

VertCoin Hub/Node Address.



What is a one-click miner and why should I care?

A One Click-Miner (OCM) is a Graphic User Interface (GUI) Miner that is very simple to use. Users only need to download it and install it. Once it is installed, you just need to set your pool up and choose what kind of Hardware you will be using, either a Central Processing Unit (CPU) or Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), and you are ready to go {I know this makes it sound easy, so click the resource links to find out more}.


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