Is there a future for Blockchain technology beyond money?

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In this episode of WTF is CryptoSpace, Chad and Brett discuss blockchain and how companies in Australia are innvoating the #cryptospace.

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“What is Blockchain?
Real Talk or Chad Talk…. It’s basically software that connects a bunch of computer to each other using those computer parts to store info. This info is about money changing hands, information etc. This info is put together in lots or blocks for the nerds. These info lots are recorded on the computer network in these lots every 2-10 mins depending on the token or crypto currency using them. I would simplify it more with graphs and cave paintings but this it unfortunately an audio media. So just think a square connect to another square with a short line and that continues on indefinitely.”

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Blockchain becoming an integral part of some defence technology

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Financial app Finch launches in Australia with a challenge to the big banks

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